Monday, November 24, 2008

Dallas One-Wire Temperature Network - Followup

I managed to get the little 5-volt 1 wire network I mentioned earlier, built up and running. Even fishing the wires wasn't too hard, "thanks" to the distinct lack of insulation in some of my walls. I did have to patch a section of the main run (I used a 100 ft run with short stubs to hold the sensors) when I put a staple through the cable while attaching it to the rafters. Doh!

The graphs make it look colder inside than it really is as I purposely put the sensors in all the cold spots. The kitchen has a zoned radiator that we can use if we are hanging out there, and the wild swings in my office are just the result of me closing the door when I'm not in there. The dining room is the warmest and I will eventually add a sensor there to put an upper bound on the data.

I didn't really like any of the pre-canned software options for it, so I rolled my own using xmgrace, digitemp, rsync, and cron. This is pretty crude, but it is a decent placeholder.