Friday, May 1, 2009

VOIP Recorder: Listen Live

I've had the opportunity to add a few new features to my Vonage call recording application, VOIP Recorder.

The most entertaining feature is "Listen Live". That will stream the audio from any active phone call to your desktop in more or less real time. That's neat.

I have also added easy buttons on the "at-a-glance" screen to toggle the recording of an individual call on or off. These buttons compliment the touch tone sequences or Caller-ID based programmable filters that provide similar functionality.

Feedback on the first preview release has started to come in. Generally, it has been quite positive. A few people had trouble with the auto-discover portion of the program. I have made some updates to those algorithms to deal with more topologies and it seems more robust now. If you tried out VOIP Recorder earlier, and had problems auto-discovering your ATA, try and download the new release (revision 1-M or greater) and see if that helps. All accounts have been updated with the new release. If you have a problem please be sure to write me so we can make VOIP Recorder even better.

Also, thanks to an idea from Steve, I have added optional courtesy beeps. These are short beeps played periodically to remind everyone about the call recording. You can configure if they are played and, if so, how often they are played. They are off by default. I like the way they sound - they make a nice alternative to the full "recording" announcement insertion.

Last in the new feature department is the addition of a simple "*" filter which matches everything. This lets you write filters that, for instance, whitelist some specific phone numbers but block everyone else. Thanks to Chad for pointing out that omission.

So there is lots going on in the world of VOIP Recorder. You should check out the new release at - Linux, Macs, and Windows are all supported for recording calls made with Vonage(tm), as well as orchestrating pop-up notifications and call blocking based on Caller-ID information.