Tuesday, May 26, 2009

VOIP Recorder: Phonebook.. aka the "Mom is calling" feature

I am continuing to add little features to VOIP Recorder that help round out the overall functionality.

The newest feature to join the party is a phonebook database. The entries in this database are automatically populated from Caller-ID information. They are designed to be easily edited in order to personalize the names associated with particular numbers.

After personalizing a number that new name is used for the pop-ups and logs anytime that number calls (or is called). The obvious use for this is to rename "Jane Smith" to be "Mom" so that when Mom does call, it is noted immediately!

The phonebook feature is in revision "o" of the VOIP Recorder Preview. It is accessed through the Caller-ID tab of VR's web console.

VOIP Recorder lets you record, block, and manage calls made with the Vonage ™ service. Check it out at www.penbaynetworks.com