Friday, May 30, 2008

Firefox Add-Ons - webfolder webDAV add-on updated for Firefox 3

I have had reason to do a little server side WebDAV work these days.

WebDav clients for Linux aren't all that common. There is a filesystem gateway (davfs), and cadaver. Cadaver is a decent command line app; like ncftp.

And more recently, I was introduced to webfolders. This is a addon for firefox that does a perfectly good job of creating a file manager interface for DAV sites.

Point one of this post: webfolders is cool - download it yourself.

Point two of this post: webfolders as listed on the website does not support firefox 3. And of course you are using firefox 3.

Point three of this post: you really ought to be using firefox 3 - it is much faster than firefox 2.

Point four of this post: I want it all - so I have done the trivial work of updating webfolders for firefox 3. Just changed a few constants and paths, and life is good. It is here for download (any OS!)